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SpouseWorld 1to1

Mar 31, 2017

How to advertise on this podcast, SpouseWorld 1to1

Individuals, visit SpouseWorld 1to1's Patreon Site

Businesses and companies: Here is a Down and Dirty Advertising RateCard for SpouseWorld 1to1

Advertising options: Your Logo (400x400), Mentions w/tag line, or both.

Prices are for each; i.e. Logo placement or mentions. Double the price if you want both.

SpouseWorld 1to1 is a weekday podcast, a new interview is released every week day Monday thru Friday, 52 weeks a year. That is 260 episodes per year.

$100 - your logo or mention on one specific interview. Good for local sponsors of the person interviewed.

$400 - 1 week (5 episodes) - good for promoting an event.

$845 - 1 quarter weekday (specific weekday like Mondays: 13 episodes) - good for promoting a repeating event.

$1100 - 1 month (22 episodes) - good for leadup to an event.

$1560 - 1 year (specific weekday like Thursdays: 52 episodes) - good for recurring specific weekly events.

$1625 - 1 quarter (13 weeks: 65 episodes) - good for recurring annual events.

$3900 - 1 year (52 weeks: 260 episodes) - good for national sponsors and companies.

Pick how you want to sponsor SpouseWorld 1to1 and send the money via PayPal to and note it is for SpouseWorld 1to1 sponsorship!